21 Sales Podcasts Leaders Should Listen To

For sales leaders, podcasts are the most accessible and carefree way to get information. While continuing your daily routine, you can access some of the best discussions on sales from your home, car or headphones. Listening to the podcast is the easy part, though. The hard part is choosing which ones to listen to among […]

How AI Will Change Enterprise Sales

Cien Featured on Emissary.io Cien was featured along with Salesforce and Conversica on Emissary, the world’s first sales intelligence network. Emissary mentions Cien’s Global Study on the Future of Sales. In this study, we found that 88% of sales professionals expect artificial intelligence (AI) to make their jobs easier in the next 10 years, not render […]

How to Identify Your Most Effective Prospectors

It doesn’t matter what you call the role: the sales development rep (SDR), the business development rep (BDR) or the inside sales rep (ISR). In the world of B2B sales, prospecting is often defined as the art and science of contacting leads or target accounts in hopes of creating opportunities for account executives. And when […]

Align Your Sales and Marketing Using AI

There’s an old saying in geometry circles: every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. It’s true; all squares have the basic elements of a rectangle: four sides, four right angles. To be a square, though, all four sides must be of equal length; a rectangle only cares about equal length […]

Matt Rodgers Joins Cien as Strategic Advisor

Cien allows companies to easily enhance their CRM data in ways that were previously impossible, then use that augmented data to drive sales productivity. Cien is pleased to announce the appointment of CRM Expert Matt Rodgers to its Strategic Advisory Board. Matt Rodgers is a senior software, services, and consulting executive with over 25 years […]

Use this App and it’s AI to Improve your Sales

“The app, which is currently available for Salesforce.com customers, takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect problems and predict outcomes for sales leaders.” – Dallas Business Journal Cien was recently featured on the front page of the Dallas Business Journal. Co-founders Margot Carter and Rob Käll joined Cien COO Lisa Cook to discuss […]

How to Create an Effective Sales Playbook

What is one truth about life that also applies to your sales playbook? Evolve or die. This may sound a little harsh, but your playbook is a living thing. If it doesn’t adapt to change, it won’t survive. Too many sales leaders forget this. They recycle their sales processes and expect one approach to work […]

The New Sales Algorithm with Rob Käll

We’re modeling human behavior to help sales leaders and reps understand what really drives success.- Rob Käll , CEO    Cien’s CEO, Rob Käll had the pleasure of connecting with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Glucklow from the Sell or Die Podcast. Rob’s mission is to help sales organizations use of artificial intelligence (AI) to be […]

5 Ways Startups Can Increase Their Sales Productivity

In startups, the best performing sales teams know that there’s no magical KPI. They need to measure what matters and make incremental improvements. Because not all leads are created equal, the most effective sales teams spend time and effort to measure the quality of the leads generated by the marketing team. But they don’t stop […]

Introducing the Cien Value Chain

New Approach to AI Helps B2B Teams Address Sales Productivity Traps Miami, FL & Barcelona, Spain, November 15th, 2017 Cien, the artificial intelligence company that helps sales teams improve their productivity, announces the general availability of the Cien Value Chain and the accompanying publication of its Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps. The Cien Value […]

Transform Your Teams’ Sales Effectiveness

Whether you’re a numbers person or not, advances in technology and data management are continuously creating new opportunities for improving an organization’s sales effectiveness. To understand how sales managers can improve their teams’ sales productivity, we spoke with Mike Kunkle, founder of Transforming Sales Results. Mike is an internationally recognized sales force transformation expert with […]

The Emergence of the Sales Scientist

By Rob Käll, Co-founder and CEO, Cien Inc. They say death and taxes are the only things that are inevitable. Until recently, I thought there was something else that was inevitable: diminishing returns. As an executive and an entrepreneur, I’ve observed the law of diminishing returns in all aspects of growing a business. Add a […]