AI Enterprise Deployments

What’s your AI strategy?

Every Sr. business leader is asked that question these days. You probably want to move fast on AI, but you know that besides delivering business value also need to support the organizations, and IT architecture, be compliant with the InfoSec policy, Not bog down the team, and not cost an arm and a leg.

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Should we go to your cloud
or my cloud?

Everyone loves the simple provisioning of cloud services until everything becomes a big management nightmare. The TrueAI platform is completely container-based and can run on any of the major clouds, with built-in security and auditing capabilities. I.e. sensitive data can be stored where you want it, under your control, at all times. That’s major!

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Connect with the click of a button

People are always surprised when they hear we can deliver insights in days, not weeks. That’s because every step in the data pipeline is automated, including connecting to 3rd party CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Those data feeds are continuous and update daily until paused. We also have partnerships with those and other app vendors which include certifications and access to senior technical support persons.

If you have a proprietary CRM or other data source we can still process you data, but the data acquisition steps may take longer due to the need to manually map and check that data before it’s imported. 

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Cloud Data Warehouse

Giving someone an API is like teaching them to fish

Apps are cool, but APIs are cooler. The TrueAI platform produces a very comprehensive data API that has the same row-level data as in your CRM but with additional columns such as time estimates and propensity scores. To be even more useful, we also have multiple derived entities such as the Single Sales Record (SSR) that provide a full customer journey for every account, and the Users History that provides a time series for each rep, and how their skills and behaviors have changed over time.

This data is automatically pushed into the Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) of your choice (e.g. Azure SQL, Postgres, or Snowflake), so your analysts and app developers can utilize it as needed.

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Easy Deployment

“No Software” – And we really mean it!

One of the pioneering CRM SaaS players used to have a slogan called “No Software”, and then of course ended up selling their customers a lot of software… Hardly anyone today wants more apps or tools to deploy, manage and pay for. is a data product that lets you use the tools you already have in a better way. This means rollout requires virtually zero effort, and there is no need to train a large amount of staff to get value.

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Data Cleaning

The new GIGO

We have never had a client that did not have concerns about the quality of their CRM data – period! But when you try to dig in and ask how the data is bad, the answers are mostly vague. If you cannot measure it, you cannot fix it, so we provide data quality scores before and after cleaning on the following 6 dimensions:

  1. Duplication
  2. Completeness
  3. Consistency
  4. Sales Process
  5. Activity Capture Level
  6. AI Confidence


The result is that you have a calibrated dataset where you know exactly how good your data is, and you can even take the cleaned-up data and push it back into your CRM.

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Predictive Models

Knowing what’s going to happen next, would actually be quite useful

Predictions are hard. Especially about the future. But the wonders of AI make them possible. We have created a foundational deep learning model that has been trained on millions of deals, which we then fine-tune automatically and continuously with the customer’s own data.

This avoids problems with smaller datasets and data drift. It also allows you to have predictive insights from day one. And we tell you exactly how well each model works, through our AI Confidence scores.

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Unique GTM Insights

Turn qualitative hunches into quantitative knowledge

The TrueAI platform delivers 3 different revenue intelligences:

  1. Deal Intelligence
  2. Value Intelligence
  3. Coaching Intelligence


Each delivers unique insights like deal propensity and pipeline quality, the true value a rep is creating and receiving, and skills and behaviors such as a rep’s closing ability and time allocation. Info you cannot find in any other RevOps solution…

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