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  • The World’s Largest Gathering for the Mobile Industry Held every year in Barcelona, this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress is set to break all attendance records. The event will take place between Feb 26 and Mar 1 at the
  • In startups, the best performing sales teams know that there’s no magical KPI. They need to measure what matters and make incremental improvements. Because not all leads are created equal, the most effective sales teams spend time and effort to measure
  • Everyone has issues with their CRM data, but not everyone has to suffer from it. Instead of treating poor data hygiene as a fatality, forward-looking sales organizations can make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to make sense
  • With an implementation deadline looming on May 25 2018, the EU’s latest effort to replace the current patchwork of national laws into a single set of rules across the EU, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is leaving more than
  • In B2B Sales, sales productivity is becoming a key factor for market success. Because a of the fact that a straight increase in sales can be achieved at the expense of profitability,  an increase in sales productivity offers companies better capital
  • CRM is a great tool, but it often fails to consider the softer side of sales management and the complexities of the sales process. With the aid of predictive models that take all factors into account, sales leaders gain a more
  • Whether you’re a numbers person or not, advances in technology and data management are continuously creating new opportunities for improving an organization’s sales effectiveness. To understand how sales managers can improve their teams’ sales productivity, we spoke with Mike Kunkle, founder
  • This article was first published on Sales Hacker’s B2B Sales Blog. It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to change the way we sales professionals work. Sales, as both a function and a profession, is no exception to the AI sea
  • Sales Leaders Must Measure What Matters The podcast version of this interview is available on Barbara Giamanco’s podcast The Razor’s Edge. Barbara Giamanco, an internationally recognized author and Top 25 Influential Leader, interviews Rob Käll, CEO of Cien on the impact