Business Silos -> Data Silos -> Misalignment

How many times have you attended a corporate meeting, and heard two completely different assessments of the same thing? E.g., when Marketing says, “We have generated more leads than ever”, and Sales says, “We are really struggling with poor lead quality”. The problem is due to the lack of a common truth on the volume and quality of leads.

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Most GTM problems are fuzzy

Like most leaders, you measure sales cycles, avg. deal size, and win rate. But when they turn south, what do you do? The cause is always something fuzzier like “This is a bad market for us.”, “The reps are not working as hard as before.”, or “The new product is too complicated.”.

Now you can measure those “fuzzy” metrics too, such as lead quality, work effort, and discovery skills. They have a direct impact on the outcomes, and when you have clear measurements, you can easily improve.

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Cloud Migration

Speed up cloud deployments

“Cloud & AI. AI & Cloud.” That’s the mantra for most corporate IT teams today. But moving your data and compute to the cloud is always challenging.’s TrueAI platform is built to be flexible secure, and compliant with your IT department’s policies. E.g., do you have a lot of Power BI users or a team using Snowflake to extract business insights? We can make sure the workspaces are populated in your Azure cloud instance instead of ours and that the TrueAI data is piped to your Snowflake instance – literally with a click of a button.

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Data Quality

The new GIGO

For the first couple of years of’s life when we showed our AI powered GTM products to senior executives, they all said virtually the same thing: “This looks amazing, but I don’t think we’re ready yet. Our data is bad and we’re in the middle of a data-cleaning project”. When we called back six months later, they said exactly the same thing. Data cleaning is a forever job, and as the business grows the problem gets worse. We realized this is a problem that needs to be solved by us if we wanted to scale fast.

Today our ADE (Automatic Data Enhancement) cleans and standardizes our clients’ data in real-time, in a continous fashion. “Garbage in, Garbage out” is now “Garbage in, Gold out” – i.e., the new GIGO.

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