See beyond your KPIs

See the quality of your leads, opportunities and sales reps to ensure sales and marketing are aligned. Get the most out of your pipeline by assigning the right people to the right deals.

Measure the intangible

Look into the human elements that affect sales productivity such as team mood, a person’s work ethic or closing ability. Increase sales effectiveness with role-based recommendations that lead to the greatest productivity increases.

Facts, not hunches

Take the guesswork out of planning and forecasting by predicting the number of leads, opportunities and deals won. Identify changes in buying cycles or competitive environments before they impact revenue.

Know your ROI at all times

A built in ROI calculator quantifies the productivity impact of every decision you make, arming you with hard data to build the business case for important sales initiatives. Cien incorporates your gross margins to reflect its true economic impact.

True AI

As an AI-first company, Cien utilizes the latest in machine learning and natural language processing techniques. No data training, input or custom development required.

Data Accuracy

Deals with inconsistent, incomplete or obsolete CRM information to provide insights regardless of data quality.

Adaptive Models

Understands the unique facets of your business and learns from changes in your processes and definitions.

Plug and Play

Leverages data across your sales and marketing stack. No input or data training required.


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