Enterprise Data

The data mess in modern GTM organizations

All the rev tech such as Marketing Automation, CRM, and ERP systems, plus apps & dashboards were supposed to give us us instant insights. However, problems dealing with connectivity, data quality, and all the variations in sales methodology still remain.

In 2023, RevOps Leader was the most in-demand role* as companies struggle to connect the dots. 

                                                         * According to “The 2023 LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list”.

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Sales & Marketing Challenges

Every GTM organization is broken in its own way

Instead of looking for clues in 100 places to find the golden nuggets, get clear insights into what’s broken across the following categories:

  1.   SAM & Segmentation – Size & quality of target accounts
  2.   Sales & Marketing Alignment – Settle disputes about lead quality & follow up
  3.   New Logo Selling – Clear all the hurdles to land a new customer
  4.   Existing Customers – Keep and expand customer relationships
  5.   Rep Performance – Ramp and coach more reps into A-Players

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Data Cleaning

The New GIGO

It used to be that GIGO meant, Garage In – Garbage Out. Now it means Garbage In – Gold Out, thanks to Cien’s Automatic Data Enhancement AI tech, which automatically scores, cleans, and standardizes each GTM dataset.

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GTM Insights

GTM Suite Dashboards

For each company you connect and analyze get a comprehensive report set that sets you up for effective analyses and transformations:

  • Automatic Data Enhancement (ADE) – Trust your data
  • Strategic Reports – Understand the big picture
  • Tactical Reports – Learn from the recent past
  • Management Dashboards – Take action today & see tomorrow’s results
  • Utility Box – Calibration & access to the raw API data


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