Performance Insights

It’s nice when a video game has a “God view”.
 Now your CRM does too

With a couple of clicks see data you have never had access to before by rep, by team, or for your entire org. Then dig in, and compare with what you have in your CRM.

“I was blind, but now I see”


Data Driven One-on-Ones

Identify Missed Opps, Manage Pipeline Risk & Coach The Needed Skills

In a single 30-minute session, keep the small talk to 5 minutes, and spend the rest reviewing current stack ranked results, dive deep on the pipeline (win probability, time spent, last engagement etc. ) and analyze the rep’s time management. Then dig in on the reps skills and behavior and identify the areas that will unleash the biggest coaching potential . Document action items, share priority deal lists and you have performed the best one-on-one in your career!

Coaching Accountability

It’s Not Easy Being The Boss, But That’s Why You Get Paid the Big Bucks!

Why do you have managers in your sales team? Because a good manager can make the rest of the team much better. See the number of one-on-ones conducted and whether reps are actually improving their Skills and Behaviors.


Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Are You The Sales Leader You
Want To Be?


Every day a new strategic question pops into your head: Is my SDR team delivering value? Should we go after industry X? What happens if we discount less? Did marketing really deliver enough leads last quarter? The answers to most of them are actually in your data. Cien will help you tap into and expand your leadership capacity with actionable insights so you can be the visionary leader you want to be, every day.

Transformative sales teams use Cien to anticipate change and better prepare for tomorrow