We Safely Sync, Analyze, Organize, & Cleanse CRM Deficiencies Our ML & NLP Models Standardize & Monitor Optimized Data Actionable Insights Uncover Hidden Revenue Create Personalized Quota Planning with Coaching Intelligence AI Deal Scoring Predicts Pipeline Probability & Forecast Value Maximize CRM Value & Accelerate Sales Performance
Hidden Revenue

Achieve Resilient Revenue Growth
 Throughout The Sales Cycle

Build a leadership culture of data-driven continuous improvement. Unlock sales team performance trapped in daily routine with intelligent insights from a purpose-built AI specializing in sales and marketing analysis.


Performance Insights

Identify Missed Opportunities
And Manage Preventable Pipeline Risk

Sales leaders who consider data plus multiple viewpoints make better predictions than those who hew to one perspective. Cien establishes a stream of data from your entire Sales & Marketing tech ecosystem to pinpoint and prioritize opportunities and risks.



It’s Not Easy Being The Boss

As market conditions change, your natural impulse is to focus on your own well-justified concerns, but your team is watching. In unsettling times, Cien gives sales leaders a clear coaching path to performance predictability through data-informed insights.


Are You The
Sales Leader You
Want To Be? 

You want to do more yet you just can’t add another thing to your plate without feeling overwhelmed by stress or compromising your health, relationships, or integrity. Cien will help you tap into and expand your leadership capacity with actionable insights so you can be the visionary leader you want to be, every day.


Transformative sales teams use Cien to anticipate change and better prepare for tomorrow