21 Sales Podcasts Leaders Should Listen To

For sales leaders, podcasts are the most accessible and carefree way to get information. While continuing your daily routine, you can access some of the best discussions on sales from your home, car or headphones. Listening to the podcast is the easy part, though. The hard part is choosing which ones to listen to among […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Salesforce Users

What makes a Salesforce user different from someone who uses, say, Pipedrive or Nimble? Just like an iPhone user tends to be different than an Android user, it’s common knowledge that someone who uses Salesforce tends to work at a larger or more mature organization than those that don’t. In fact, they’re 5 times more […]

Sales Tips: 3 Sales Productivity Traps to Avoid

While selling has never been easy, it hasn’t become harder either. Selling has become a more refined process where efficiency is key. Increasing sales productivity requires operational awareness of the quality of leads generated from marketing as well as the productivity of individual salespeople. With artificial intelligence (AI), your business can understand the deeper dynamics […]

The Right Formula for Sales Motivation

Sales managers have been searching for the magic formula for sales motivation for decades. Many companies offer incentives such as cash bonuses or trips, but these are generally won by the few superstar salespeople in the organization, leaving the middle- and lower-performers out of the loop and unmotivated. The truth is that sales professionals are […]

How to Create an Effective Sales Playbook

What is one truth about life that also applies to your sales playbook? Evolve or die. This may sound a little harsh, but your playbook is a living thing. If it doesn’t adapt to change, it won’t survive. Too many sales leaders forget this. They recycle their sales processes and expect one approach to work […]

Solving Your Sales Productivity Traps

In B2B Sales, sales productivity is becoming a key factor for market success. While an increase in sales can be achieved at the expense of profitability, an increase in sales productivity offers companies better capital efficiency, higher profitability and ultimately a sustainable competitive advantage. Although optimizing sales productivity requires increased operational awareness from the marketing and […]

Transform Your Teams’ Sales Effectiveness

Whether you’re a numbers person or not, advances in technology and data management are continuously creating new opportunities for improving an organization’s sales effectiveness. To understand how sales managers can improve their teams’ sales productivity, we spoke with Mike Kunkle, founder of Transforming Sales Results. Mike is an internationally recognized sales force transformation expert with […]