1st Party Data

Too little time, too few RevOps geniuses*

Fancy decks, surveys, and 3rd party data used to be enought impress clients. Not anymore – the only things that matter are better outcomes and analysis based on the client’s own data. However, doing 1st party data analysis is difficult. You need smart people and access to good data, and even then, the process tends to be highly iterative since new “gotchas” appear over and over as you dig in.

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Data Quality

The analysis only makes sense if it makes sense…

We have all been in a meeting where a graph is shown, and everyone in the room goes “Huh?”. That erases the credibility of the analysis immediately.  Cien.ai has pioneered a simple process called “Calibration” that ensures that when it comes to that high-stakes meeting with all the senior leaders, the numbers that are displayed on the screen are what they expect, but the insights you derived from the data are new, valuable, and actionable.

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Data Acquisition

Data insights in days not weeks, months, or years (or never)

With GTM Suite, the acquisition, cleaning, processing, and delivery of dashboards are automated, and to a large degree self-service. Therefore, a team at your firm can talk to a customer on Monday, send them a “sync link” on Tuesday, have the read-out on Wednesday, and discuss the next steps on Thursday. That enables a whole new world of business generation opportunities, which can fill your firm’s pipeline with new clients (or excite your existing ones to start new workstreams).

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Success Attribution

People are happy to pay for good outcomes

A $2M consultancy fee is still a lot of money for most corporations unless it generates a $20M annual revenue increase. Then it’s dirt cheap.  The world of management consulting has already shifted towards more success-based projects, and AI will accelerate that trend. With tools like GTM Suite, you can go in, and through an extremely low-cost/low-effort assessment, find the “low-hanging fruit” and deploy a team that facilitates the needed transformation, knowing that you are likely to reap a big reward.

The fact that you now can deliver continuous data feeds to your clients changes the account dynamic and enables revenue opps for higher margin recurring services.

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Make it your own!

Some of the largest management consulting companies in the world have hundreds or even thousands of data scientists on staff. Even so, they struggle to create brandable, repeatable AI products and services that can differentiate their offering.

Many are turning to Cien.ai and white-label the GTM Suite and TrueAI platform products. We offer support with switching out logos, and names and provide pre-made documentation templates that can easily be branded and edited.

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 * Head of RevOps is one of the fastest growing roles, according to LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Move” survey in 2023.