How Salesloft Users Can Add a Qualitative Dimension to Their Sales Metrics

Using Cien’s AI, Salesloft users can measure the qualitative factors that influence a sales team’s performance such as team mood, work ethic, product knowledge and more.

In a post on the Salesloft blog, Cien CEO and Co-Founder Rob Käll discusses how Salesloft users can measure intangible metrics such as work ethic, product knowledge and closing ability.


Salesloft is a leading sales engagement platform that helps representatives better connect with their customers.


Cien is able to help Salesloft users leverage fuzzy, unstructured or incomplete CRM data to extract qualitative metrics about the performance of their reps. Through machine learning and natural language processing, Cien makes untangling messy CRM data easier and can even measure qualitative factors such as a rep’s engagement ability, mood and more.


In order to make intangible sales data actionable, Rob’s advice is to survey your sales team with very concrete and relevant questions. By asking questions at regular intervals and matching the responses with the person’s activity data in Salesloft and Salesforce, trends will begin to emerge as you see the changes over time, and can then draw relevant conclusions.


“There are no intangibles.” Rob explains. “That’s my basic philosophy in life. Everyone says there is this “gut feeling” and a “sense” for sales. But those things can be measured! You’re just not measuring them. You’re leaving the data fuzzy and at great cost to your business.”


By applying AI to your CRM data, Cien can establish a clearer picture of your data, ultimately improving your team’s overall sales productivity and effectiveness.


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