Quantify Intangible Sales Factors Using AI

Cien’s Co-founder and CEO Rob Käll recently joined global sales expert Andy Paul on the Accelerate Your Sales podcast.

“Accelerate Your Sales” includes in-depth conversations with 700+ of the leading sales and marketing practitioners from top sales executives and industry leaders such as Salesloft, Outreach, DiscoverOrg,  Salesforce and many more.

With 2,000,000+ downloads and counting, Accelerate! sits on #10 of Cien’s 21 Sales Podcasts Business Leaders Should Listen To and has been named to more than fifty Top 10 lists as required listening for sales professionals.

Tune in to the full episode to hear what Rob has to say about AI, scaling SaaS businesses and making quotas.



Highlights from the podcast:

Rob and Andy discuss how artificial intelligence can help sales leaders measure the impact (or lack thereof) of their sales training and enablement programs.

In addition, they talk about how AI can help sales leaders know who their best and worst performers are and who on the team is coachable, or not.

What’s more, they discuss the importance of measuring and tracking intangible sales factors such work ethic, selling skills, time management and data hygiene.

This gives the sales manager and his or her rep a better backdrop to personalize training and their 1:1s.

When it comes to sales performance, the trick is to encourage reps to work on their weakest skill or behavior.

To motivate their reps to improve, sales teams use Cien to calculate the revenue and quota impact of improving a given skill and behavior.

You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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