End the Bickering Between Marketing and Sales

Firms can earn big returns by effectively measuring each step in the sales and marketing process Do you hear your Sales leaders complain to Marketing that their teams are not getting enough high-quality leads?  Are the Marketing folks pointing to the high volume of leads that fit the Ideal Customer Profile criteria and have shown […]

How to Identify Your Team’s Most Effective Prospectors

It doesn’t matter what you call the role: the sales development rep (SDR), the business development rep (BDR) or the inside sales rep (ISR). In the world of B2B sales, prospecting is often defined as the art and science of contacting leads or target accounts in hopes of creating opportunities for account executives. And when […]

Use this App and it’s AI to Improve your Sales

“The app, which is currently available for Salesforce.com customers, takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect problems and predict outcomes for sales leaders.” – Dallas Business Journal Cien was recently featured on the front page of the Dallas Business Journal. Co-founders Margot Carter and Rob Käll joined Cien COO Lisa Cook to discuss […]

Accelerate Sales Improvement By Shrinking Big Data

A colleague once told me that technology without process will just speed up the mess. Forecasts in CRM systems are generated with a few keystrokes but are likely to be as inaccurate as the spreadsheets used years ago when sales managers did “seat of the pants” forecasts, mostly by paring down over-optimistic seller projections. Selling […]

Interview with Rob Käll: Measure What Matters

Sales Leaders Must Measure What Matters   The podcast version of this interview is available on Barbara Giamanco’s podcast The Razor’s Edge. Barbara Giamanco, an internationally recognized author and Top 25 Influential Leader, interviews Rob Käll, CEO of Cien on the impact artificial intelligence is having on the sales process.   Barbara Giamanco: Rob Käll […]

Everything a Sales Leader Needs to Know About AI

AI gives sales teams an edge by identifying patterns in their sales data that are invisible to the human eye. By measuring what matters and not simply what is visible, applying AI to your CRM helps sales teams achieve their full potential by focusing on actions that drive revenue. It gives sales leaders the visibility […]

Introducing the Cien Value Chain

New Approach to AI Helps B2B Teams Address Sales Performance Traps Cien, the artificial intelligence company that helps sales teams improve their performance, announces the general availability of the Cien Value Chain and the accompanying publication of its Guide to Solving Sales Performance Traps. The Cien Value Chain is a new approach to sales performance […]

Cien Co-Founder Margot Carter to Speak at EY Strategic Growth Forum

cien margot ai ernst young award
PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Nov. 14, 2017 Cien co-founder and business builder Margot Carter will present at EY’s annual Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, California on Friday, November 17, as part of a session entitled “What’s next for boards,” where she and other seasoned directors will cover the way corporate boards identify,  prioritize and address disruptive market forces. EY Strategic Growth Forum is […]