About Cien.ai

Measure what Matters

Cien.ai was born in 2016, after the founders realized from their own experience how hard it can be to understand why a sales team is not performing as expected. At the time, the founders; Ben Strum, Margot Carter, and Rob Käll had come off an experience of rapidly scaling a B2B GTM organization and being frustrated that all the “real reasons” sales did not grow faster were very “fuzzy”. However, in the process, they thought that a better solution had to exist. A solution that not only cleans, structures and improves sales data, but also applies deep analytics powered by AI, effortlessly and seamlessly. As of today, Cien.ai has processed hundreds of companies, analyzed tens of thousands of reps, trained our models on millions of deals and inferred billions of AI predictions. All while applying a consistent and scientific view to explain how a good or bad lead is generated, to assess the quality of the pipeline – even before deals are closed -, and to track your reps’ performance across the entire organization. Cien.ai´s mantra is we “Measure what Matters”.
Are you curious about the name? Cien means 100 in Spanish. And Cien.ai is all about getting your sales to💯!

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