Rob Käll Addresses International AI Conference

Cien Co-Founder and CEO Rob Käll addressed the attendees of the 2018 Artificial Intelligence International Conference in Barcelona. In a lively presentation, Rob Käll covered a touched on variety of ways in which machine learning is set to change our lives, including technology sales, dating and job searching. Building on concepts borrowed from data science and […]

Rob Käll on Salesforce’s Quotable Podcast

“How do you define sales productivity in your organization? Is it to automate a task and move a deal along the pipeline more quickly? Or is it to add value based on what you are given versus what you produce?”- Rob Käll   Cien’s CEO and co-founder, Rob Käll joined Kevin Micalizzi on Salesforce’s Quotable […]

Rob Käll on Marylou Tyler’s Predictable Prospecting Podcast

What is a good lead, what is a bad lead? How should you evaluate when you’re giving it to a sales development rep? Cien’s CEO Rob Käll connects with revenue growth expert and bestselling author Marylou Tyler on her Predictable Prospecting Podcast. Rob and Marylou talk about how sales teams can use AI to improve […]

The New Sales Algorithm with Rob Käll

We’re modeling human behavior to help sales leaders and reps understand what really drives success.- Rob Käll , CEO    Cien’s CEO, Rob Käll had the pleasure of connecting with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Glucklow from the Sell or Die Podcast. Rob’s mission is to help sales organizations use of artificial intelligence (AI) to be […]

Interview with Rob Käll: Measure What Matters

Sales Leaders Must Measure What Matters   The podcast version of this interview is available on Barbara Giamanco’s podcast The Razor’s Edge. Barbara Giamanco, an internationally recognized author and Top 25 Influential Leader, interviews Rob Käll, CEO of Cien on the impact artificial intelligence is having on the sales process.   Barbara Giamanco: Rob Käll […]

Martech Interview Series – A Q&A with Rob Käll

An interview with Rob Käll, CEO and Co-Founder, Cien as part of the Martech Interview Series. On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us a little bit about What inspired you to start a sales productivity platform? I am the CEO and co-founder of Cien Inc. We came up with the idea for Cien after scaling several previous […]