- What are we all about?

What does do?

We help you analyze and transform B2B Go-To-Market teams faster, deeper, and more cost-efficient than ever before.

What is so special about what does? delivers platform and data products that do not require complicated rollouts. They work even when your CRM data and other sources are imperfect, and can run in your cloud infra, so it fits your overall AI and data strategy.

Why did you start

The 3 founders of started the business in 2016 before AI was cool. We were frustrated that despite having a myriad of spreadsheets and dashboards, lack of growth was always attributed to something qualitative such as bad leads or lazy reps. We felt we had the perfect team to solve this universal problem. Now we have.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting at a Cross-Roads

Fancy decks, surveys, and 3rd party data used to be enough to impress clients. Not anymore – the only thing that matters is better outcomes and detailed analysis based on a client’s own data. AI is both a threat and an opportunity for Management Consulting.

By leveraging AI to do better, faster, and more affordable data analysis & transformations the winners can capture market share – GTM Suite is a turnkey solution to transform your Growth, Implementation, M&A, and PE practices and change the perception of your firm in your client’s eyes.     More >>

Private Equity

PE Firms are Now Data Firms

Every PE firm wants to maximize operational efficiency and create its own proprietary GTM playbook. The problem is that each PortCo is unique and getting quantified information is very hard since they all have their own tech stacks, methodologies, and data gaps – GTM Suite lets you get an apples-to-apples view across your portfolio so your growth team can drive real improvements instead of trying to clean and analyze imperfect data.  More >>

B2B Enterprise

B2B Enterprises Often have a Data Strategy, but No Data Execution

In a world of multiple CRM instances, different sales methodologies, and siloed organizations; trying to align your teams into a coherent GTM Strategy can be super challenging. Point solutions may help here and there, but what is needed is a comprehensive view of your entire enterprise’s GTM motion. GTM Suite delivers that, and because it is a flexible enterprise-ready data product, it can fit into your existing data & compliance strategy. More >>


GTM Suite Gives You the Insights You Have Been Craving

You probably already have a lot of tools and dashboards, and are frustrated with why things don’t seem to improve despite this. The root cause is the bad and incomplete data that feeds them.’s TrueAI platform fixes those problems, adds a lot of new AI-derived metrics, and then makes it easy to act on those insights. The result is up-to-the-minute info on exactly where you need to focus your attention to accelerate growth and GTM efficiency.   More >>


The TrueAI Platform Was Named That For a Reason

Today we’re seeing an AI craze like never before. A million new companies claim to be AI experts. was founded in 2016 and we have worked on solving these very hard problems since then. And we have done it with the Enterprise in mind; in terms of security, flexibility, and transparency. We’re a licensed partner with and Microsoft. With the platform, you are in control and can do the integrations and compliance processes that make sense to you. 

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