Hit The Number

Power To The People
With Coaching Intelligence

They say sales performance Is contingent upon the attitude of the rep. Perhaps, plus at least another million data points too, we’ve got you covered. Our ai-based sales insights transform sales coaching effectiveness by identifying and tracking the performance factors impacting quota achievement.


Drive Predictable Revenue

Start Your Sales &
Marketing Transformation

Knowing what value is, and knowing what it can be, are not the same thing. Create a single source of truth for your sales and marketing teams by measuring the true value of your pipeline top to bottom.



The Answers Are In Your Data

Cien’s AI-first platform uses true AI and ML to gain a holistic understanding of your sales and marketing processes within 72 hours of CRM access. Adaptive learning algorithms deliver data-informed recommendations that are actionable, measurable, and continuously improve over time.

Measurable Customer Success

We Find 20-40% Additional Hidden Revenue

When we connect a new customer, we typically find 20-40% of Hidden Revenue due to sales performance problems. But what really matters, is not the potential of what we find, but how Cien helps you solve these fixable problems. Quantitated weekly progress reports turn good ideas into a great reality.

Stop Trying To Clone Your Closers And Start Coaching Your Team To Close