Introducing Cien

An AI-powered sales productivity app

Pinpoint the
perfect playbook

Know why deals close, or not. Receive role-based
guidance on the activities that lead directly to revenue.

Pick the
low hanging fruit

Focus your team's efforts on the leads and
opportunities most likely to help you achieve quota.

Lift team mood
and performance

Collect input from the team and understand why certain
groups or individuals perform better than others.

See through
the noise

Enhance your data and get a crisper picture
of your past, present and future sales.




Account Executives

Which activities should I be focused on today?


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 11.59.43 AM

Sales Ops Experts

How can I improve the quality of my sales data?



Marketing Execs

How do I get credit for the true $ value of my leads?



Sales Managers

Why do certain reps make or miss their targets?



Business Developers

How much effort should I invest in this lead?


Built-in ROI

Cien calculates the true economic impact of Cien's productivity improvements by incorporating your gross margins. In real-time.

Chart your sales team's
shortest route to success

Predict your sales

Mentor your team

Avert bottlenecks

Know who's performing

Enterprise Ready Security

Cien secures and protects your data to comply with rules and frameworks designed
by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission.   

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