Take the guesswork out of
sales performance management

Drive quota attainment by tracking your sales team's selling skills,
time management, product knowledge and more.

See Hidden

Apply 100+ proprietary AI models to dig into your CRM data and:

Benchmark team performance

Uncover improvement areas

Discover unrealized revenue

Assess Team

Dig into the softer factors that make up a high performing sales team

Understand selling behaviors

Track individual attributes

Personalize sales coaching

Your Team

See beyond your existing sales and marketing metrics to:

Pinpoint the perfect playbook

Guide your reps to success

Hold people accountable

No opportunity is created equal.
And no rep is the same.

Cien connects the dots in your CRM to measure gaps
in your team's selling skills and attributes.

AI Predictions


+34% since last month.

Daily predictions performed by
Cien’s AI engine customer data

Cien Mentor

$ M

+$2.3M since last month.

Unrealized revenue identified by
Cien Mentor, year to date

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