Easier said than done?

Why does 80% of my revenue come from just 20% of my reps?

I have tons of tools & KPIs but still don’t know why my reps are struggling.

With imperfect CRM data and little time for 1:1s, figuring out used to be hard. 

Not Anymore.

No two reps are created equal.

Get a baseball card for every rep

And no two opportunities are the same.

See exactly how,with deal scoring & the Cien Value Chain 


100% Actionable Performance Management.

Cien shows you the skills & behaviors that prevent your reps from achieving their numbers, and lets you understand exactly how value is created and distributed within your sales team. 

Effective and result driven 1:1s

Dig into the human elements that explain sales performance.

Measure individual strengths and weaknesses

Know where and with whom to spend coaching time

Track skill and behavior improvements and tie back to increased revenue

Accountable Management

Finally a tool that helps sales leaders become better managers.

Understand the reasons for rep performance

Measure the revenue impact of effective coaching & sales leadership

Spot issues before they hit revenue and morale

Aligning Sales & Marketing

The Cien Value Chain measures exactly what value is being delivered to your team.

Stop the bickering between sales & marketing

Understand the value of lead gen regardless if it is done by marketing, reps, or both

Hidden Revenue
The cost of fixable problems in Cien customers’ sales teams in the last 12 months:


$ M

+$22.3M since last month.

We expect that we can identify 20-40%
of hidden revenue in your company too.

Trusted by leading global sales teams.

Jerome Rose

VP of Sales Curvature

Torquil Thomson

Country Manager, Whisbi

Lisa Farioli

Sales Operations, Wide Eyes Technologies

Ed Adorno

Chief Executive Officer, Printsome