Forecasting Pipeline

Anyone Can Predict the Rain.
Cien Builds an Ark.

Cien’s Deal intelligence works by analyzing every deal attribute and the skill and behavioral rank of the rep working on it. After comparing millions of deals including your company’s past win-rate performance, we surface a true AI win rate probability in real-time.


No More Blame Game

Get The Real Truth Behind Those MQL's & SQL's

Reliably managing dozens of spreadsheets is better left to an advanced AI. Influenced by expert sales and marketing executives. Designed and implemented by data scientists. Trust by Fortune 500 companies. Your rigorous and impossibly precise sales and marketing analysis is finally here.

Real Talk
Stop Running The Same
Sales Playbook

Growing and maintaining a sales team is hard work (real hard). You only have so much time and you should spend that time focused on factors that drive rep performance and revenue.


Consistent. Reliable. Metrics.

We Help You Understand Where You're Great

& Where You're Not

Cien’s AI-first platform uses sophisticated AI and ML to gain a holistic understanding of your sales and marketing processes within 72 hours of CRM access, even if your data is not perfect. We take care of all the hard calculations to free up your time for analysis and action. 

Measurable Customer Success

We Find 20-40%
Additional Coaching Potential

When we connect a new customer, we typically find 20-40% of Coaching Potential due to sales performance problems. But what really matters, is not the potential of what we find, but how Cien helps you solve these fixable problems. Quantitated weekly progress reports turn good ideas into a great reality.

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