Cien to Present at BarcelonaTech R&D Day

Cien’s CEO Rob Käll and lead data scientist Malgorzata Wiejacha will be addressing data science students at BarcelonaTech as part of the University’s R&D Day 2019.

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) commonly referred to as BarcelonaTech, is hosting the UPC Masters R&D Day 2019, an event aimed at helping companies and organizations present their Research and Development projects to students in the Mathematical Engineering and Statistics and Operations Research masters programs.

Other companies such as Acellera Labs and Accenture will be present, along with life sciences and technology companies.

Cien’s CEO Rob Käll and lead data scientist Malgorzata Wiejacha will be speaking about Cien’s Center of Excellence for Data Science, which is at the forefront of machine learning and natural language processing, applying algorithmic science to sales and CRM data.

Käll and Wiejacha will discuss how:

  • Artificial intelligence can help companies glean insights from their data to improve team mood and performance
  • Cien’s award-winning AI engine runs hundreds of data models in parallel to identify patterns and predict outcomes.
  • Cien’s data-science team uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand human behaviors.


About Rob Käll

Rob Käll is an accomplished entrepreneur with 3 Successful MM exits in 10 Years. His latest startup, Cien, gives sales leaders an immediate edge by using the power of AI to increase the productivity of their teams. Automatically detecting problems, predicting outcomes and recommending the shortest path to success. A versatile leader that has served as Startup CEO, Corporate Exec and Technical Founder, Rob advocates a scientific approach to sales and marketing alignment. Connect with Rob on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Malgorzata Wiejacha

Gosia Wiejacha is a data scientist and a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia‘s Data Science Program. She has been with Cien since 2017.


About Cien

Cien gives sales teams the power of artificial intelligence to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their sales teams. Available of the Salesforce AppExchange, Cien identifies your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses and recommends the shortest path to success. For more information, visit


About UPC

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, referred to as BarcelonaTech and commonly named just the UPC, is the largest engineering university in Catalonia and the top technical university in Spain. The university carries out research and provides higher education in the fields of architecture, engineering, science and technology.


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