Cien to Present at BCG’s PopTech Experience


AI-first company Cien will be one of handful of AI companies presenting at Boston Consulting Group‘s (BCG) PopTech Experience in Berlin, Germany on September 19th.

CEO and Co-Founder Rob Käll will be speaking on the theme of “AI and Human Behavior” and explain how, using 100+ AI models, Cien helps sales leaders identify the selling skills and attributes that have the greatest impact on performance.

In addition to Mr. Käll, other noteworthy speakers will be executives from other players in the AI industry such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

Every year, PopTech showcases the most innovative companies with AI capabilities and helps them to connect and engage with BCG Consulting Teams.

The event will bring together over 800 BCG Partners, Project Leads, Principals, and Front-line client teams to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on workplace productivity and human/machine interaction.

PopTech is hosted by BCG, one of the world’s premier consulting firms that partners with businesses to capture their greatest opportunities through the blending of digital and human capabilities.

To learn more about Cien’s AI capabilities and how your company can benefit, request a free AI-based assessment of your sales team’s skills and attributes.


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