Rob Käll Addresses International AI Conference

Cien Co-Founder and CEO Rob Käll addressed the attendees of the 2018 Artificial Intelligence International Conference in Barcelona.

In a lively presentation, Rob Käll covered a touched on variety of ways in which machine learning is set to change our lives, including technology sales, dating and job searching.

Building on concepts borrowed from data science and behavioral psychology, Käll outlined how AI can improve our understanding of human behavior.

He hypothesized that one day, humanity will have invested a “demystify box”, a box that can solve algorithmically any question relating to human behavior.














Rob Käll’s presentation was a first-hand account on the ins and outs of building an artificial intelligence startup.

He digged deep into the challenges associated with measuring, modeling and predicting complex human behavior.

Rob also offered advice for entrepreneurs, researches and corporates leaders looking to tie AI technology to business value.
















You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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