Introducing the Cien Value Chain

New Approach to AI Helps B2B Teams Address Sales Productivity Traps

Miami, FL & Barcelona, Spain, November 15th, 2017

Cien, the artificial intelligence company that helps sales teams improve their productivity, announces the general availability of the Cien Value Chain and the accompanying publication of its Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps.

The Cien Value Chain is a new approach to sales productivity that combines artificial intelligence with a unique methodology focused on measuring the quality of a firm’s pipeline and people factors.

For example, the Cien Value Chain allows sales teams to see the underlying value of their leads and opportunities and ensure the right deals get assigned to the sales professionals with the most appropriate skills to close them.

Using AI, Cien’s app distinguishes the incremental value created by a firm’s marketing, prospecting and selling teams. The information is vital for sales leaders seeking to align their team’s activities with the distinctive characteristics of the deals in their pipeline.

In addition, Cien’s AI technology controls for other factors that influence sales and productivity, such as team mood, seasonality, buying cycles and external market forces.

Cien's Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps offers a step-by-step approach to improving sales effectiveness.

Cien’s Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps offers a step-by-step approach to improving sales effectiveness.

Accompanying the launch is the publication of Cien’s Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps, a step-by-step approach for unlocking immediate value and B2B sales productivity.

“The early adopters of the Cien Value Chain have been quick to address the sales productivity traps that were weighing down on their performance,” explains Rob Käll, Cien’s CEO.

By allocating their resources based on the quality of their pipeline and the effectiveness of their sales professionals, firms can now identify new pockets of growth that were previously invisible to the human eye.

Studies show that by simply increasing a sales team’s productivity by two to five percentage points, companies who adopt Cien’s AI-powered app generate an average return on investment of more than 1000%.

For a copy of the guide and more information on the the Cien Value Chain, visit:

About Cien

Cien gives sales leaders the power of artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics to increase the productivity of their teams. The app takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect problems and predict outcomes. Cien’s app is currently available for customers. To request an invitation, visit


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