Migrating to Salesforce? 5 Ways AI Can Help

  If your company is new to the process of migrating its records with Salesforce, you are probably concerned about data integrity, record completeness and compatibility with your sales process, among other common migration issues. Here are 5 ways applying AI to your CRM data can help your Salesforce migration and onboarding process:   1. Standardize […]

Decluttering Your CRM The Marie Kondo Way

  If you have seen the hugely popular Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, then you know that, like a cluttered heart, there is Zen to be found in cleaning and decluttering your home. The same applies to your CRM. Here we take a quick look at how you can apply the KonMari method […]

Poor Salesforce Data? 5 Ways AI Can Help

At Cien we speak to sales leaders every day, and most tell us how frustrated they are with the quality of their data in Salesforce. After all, decisions are only as good as the data on which they’re made. Sure, even when they think they do, no company I know has absolutely perfect CRM data. […]

Cien Wins Innovation Award for CRM Software

Winners from other categories include Salesforce, Adobe, MailChimp, Marketo and Hubspot. Cien, the AI-powered app that helps teams improve their sales performance, today announced it has won MarTech Breakthrough’s Innovation Award for CRM Software. MarTech Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes the world’s leading sales and marketing technologies. The program received more than 2,000 nominations […]

Cien Introduces Data Enhancement Services

CRM data quality is a huge problem for most organizations. I am very pleased that we can now offer CRM data enhancement as a stand-alone service. -Rob Käll, CEO Cien launched its new Data Enhancement Services for Salesforce customers.  These services complement Cien’s sales productivity app by augmenting incomplete CRM data enable more effective planing, […]

How Is AI Changing CRM?

CRM is a great tool, but it often fails to consider the softer side of sales management and the complexities of the sales process. With the aid of predictive models that take all human factors into account, sales leaders gain a more precise picture of the state of their sales force and pipeline, which helps […]

Using Data to Improve Sales Performance

Improving sales productivity is the ultimate medicine for your business. – Rob Käll, CEO and co-founder of Cien Cien’s CEO and co-founder, Rob Käll talks with Mike Conner and Mike Simmons hosts of the Catalyst Sales Podcast with Mike and Mike. This podcast helps audiences learn what works in sales, how to improve your skills and increase your […]

Accelerate Sales Improvement By Shrinking Big Data

A colleague once told me that technology without process will just speed up the mess. Forecasts in CRM systems are generated with a few keystrokes but are likely to be as inaccurate as the spreadsheets used years ago when sales managers did “seat of the pants” forecasts, mostly by paring down over-optimistic seller projections. Selling […]

Sales Experts: How AI Helps Measure What Matters

More than forecasting, automation, or performance, the big opportunity for AI in sales is in addressing productivity. In this session, learn how sales leaders can move beyond reliance on CRM data and KPI’s to measure sales progress. You’ll find out how other intangible factors that affect sales results such as team mood, product knowledge, work […]