Migrating to Salesforce? 5 Ways AI Can Help


If your company is new to the process of migrating its records with Salesforce, you are probably concerned about data integrity, record completeness and compatibility with your sales process, among other common migration issues.

Here are 5 ways applying AI to your CRM data can help your Salesforce migration and onboarding process:


1. Standardize and enhance legacy CRM data

AI is great at helping you measure record completeness levels by team and individual. This ensures higher levels of consistency in lookup fields. You can annotate missing and inaccurate data fields, visualize data hygiene scores and get a percentage of duplicate records.


2. Enforce user compliance

It can be difficult to determine whether people are reliably updating activities and stage progression for their leads, opportunities, and accounts. Applying AI to your Salesforce data can give you metrics that show accuracy of updates, timeliness (e.g. are people entering in the data immediately or at the end of the week?) and completeness of filling out all important fields in the CRM.


3. Understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses

Cien’s User Attributes feature, for example, uses AI to give you a “scorecard” for aspects such as sales reps’ product knowledge, closing ability, and engagement ability. When reps are scoring very low in any of these categories, addressing these weaknesses can help them focus on areas of improvement and yield higher productivity.


4. Discover the true value of your leads and accounts

AI can help you uncover the “blind spots” that result in unequal lead and account quality among reps. With lead and account scoring, you can determine the true pipeline value that is provided to each rep, as opposed to just the number of assigned leads and/or accounts.


5. Provide a guided experience

Using AI, Cien can identify the processes and behaviors that lead to poor CRM data. Once these have been established, Cien’s Mentor provides step by step recommended actions that guide your sales team to higher performance and more reliable CRM data.


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