Cien Wins Innovation Award for CRM Software

Winners from other categories include Salesforce, Adobe, MailChimp, Marketo and Hubspot.

Cien, the AI-powered app that helps teams improve their sales performance, today announced it has won MarTech Breakthrough’s Innovation Award for CRM Software.

MarTech Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes the world’s leading sales and marketing technologies. The program received more than 2,000 nominations from over 12 different countries throughout the world. Judges were senior-level experts within the MarTech space, including journalists, analysts and technology executives.

“Modeling human behavior and how it relates to sales is an ambitious undertaking. We are proud to see our technology and customer results acknowledged by independent journalists, analysts and observers,” says Rob Käll, Cien CEO and Co-founder.

Using AI, Cien’s sales productivity app introduces unique concepts such as a 360 degree view of a company’s sales environment. That includes attributes such as “Lead Quality” and “Rep Quality,” the latter of which is made up of factors that are often hard to quantify such as product knowledge, work ethic and closing ability.

The app offers unique features such as the Cien’s Baseball cards, which give unique insights on the intangible factors that impact a sales person’s performance. In addition, the Cien Value Chain provides the ability for marketing, prospecting and sales teams to measure their contribution to the overall revenue generation process.

Winners from other categories include Salesforce, Adobe, MailChimp, Marketo and Hubspot.


Other notable features include:


  •  A predictive snapshot of your sales team based on hundreds of data points in contained in your Salesforce data.
  •  More accurate forecasts and personalized recommendations that improve predictability and maximize productivity.


  • Measure your SDRs and AEs individual contributions based on behavior, performance and skills.
  • Measure the incremental value generated by marketing and assign opportunities based on team skills and knowledge


  • Makes sense of incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate Salesforce data.
  • Adapts to your business, people and processes.
  • Works with your existing sales and marketing stack.
  • Complies with global security and privacy rules.

Read the full press release here.

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About Cien

Cien gives sales teams the power of artificial intelligence to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their sales teams. Available on Salesforce AppExchange, Cien’s app takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect problems, predict outcomes and recommend the shortest path to success. For more information about Cien, visit


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