Cien Introduces Data Enhancement Services

CRM data quality is a huge problem for most organizations. I am very pleased that we can now offer CRM data enhancement as a stand-alone service. -Rob Käll, CEO

Enhanced CRM Data

Enhanced CRM Data using Cien’s True AI

Cien launched its new Data Enhancement Services for Salesforce customers.  These services complement Cien’s sales productivity app by augmenting incomplete CRM data enable more effective planing, analysis and decision-making.

Data quality remains the issue facing technology businesses for the third successive year. Cien’s Data Enhancement Services give business leaders greater visibility, making it easier to answer some of their most difficult questions that can’t necessarily be solved with existing business and analytics tools.

Based on Cien’s True AI technology, hundreds of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) data models help companies manage inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent CRM data. The result is an augmented CRM data set and improved decision-making capabilities.

For more information about Cien’s Data Enhancement Services, see the full press release here.

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