Using Data to Improve Sales Performance

Improving sales productivity is the ultimate medicine for your business. – Rob Käll, CEO and co-founder of Cien

Cien’s CEO and co-founder, Rob Käll talks with Mike Conner and Mike Simmons hosts of the Catalyst Sales Podcast with Mike and Mike. This podcast helps audiences learn what works in sales, how to improve your skills and increase your success. In this episode, Rob addresses how measuring what matters and using real-time data to gather valuable insights rather than hunches can have a positive outcome on a sales team.

Cien uses AI to help sales teams see through their CRM data and look beyond their KPIs. Measuring factors that aren’t necessarily visible to the human eye, such as people, lead and macro factors. “We use simple measurements of success and illustrate changes in performance,” says Rob Käll.

Key Take Aways:

  • AI and data science are fundamentally changing how we buy and sell.
  • Sales data can be used as a signal.
  • Small improvements in productivity yield exponential returns in the long run.
  • How sales teams can see through their CRM data using AI.

Tune into the full podcast interview with hosts Mike Conner and Mike Simmons.


Time Stamps:

  • Cien intro and background: 1:50 
  • How to see through CRM data: 6:30
  • Natural Language Processing (NPL): 7:50 
  • Sales leaders and team effectiveness: 11:30
  • The future of AI in sales: 14:10 
  • Concept of the Cien Value Chain: 18:00

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