Rob Käll on Salesforce’s Quotable Podcast

“How do you define sales productivity in your organization? Is it to automate a task and move a deal along the pipeline more quickly? Or is it to add value based on what you are given versus what you produce?”- Rob Käll


Cien’s CEO and co-founder, Rob Käll joined Kevin Micalizzi on Salesforce’s Quotable Sales Podcast. Sales productivity can be measured dozens of ways. Choose the wrong measure for your organization and — guess what — you’ll be wasting your time. Quotable podcast host Kevin Micalizzi talks with Rob Käll, CEO of Cien, about what it means to take an AI-first approach to productivity.

Rob and Kevin have an in-depth discussion about how sales leaders can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) in their organizations. They dive into the most effective approach to sales motivation, how companies can measure what matters with the Cien Value Chain, and much more.

Tune into the full episode and hear the valuable advice Rob gives to sales leaders, reps and his younger self.

Time Stamps:

  • Concept of AI-First: 2:35
  • Scientific Method to Sales Leadership: 3:30
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approaches: 5:00
  • Cien Value Chain: 11:10
  • Measuring the Right Data: 13:30
  • Sales Motivation: 18:00
  • Advice to Sales Leaders: 20:20
  • Advice to Sales Reps: 21:50


You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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