The New Sales Algorithm with Rob Käll

We’re modeling human behavior to help sales leaders and reps understand what really drives success.- Rob Käll , CEO 


Cien’s CEO, Rob Käll had the pleasure of connecting with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Glucklow from the Sell or Die Podcast. Rob’s mission is to help sales organizations use of artificial intelligence (AI) to be more productive by pinpointing those elements that may be holding them back.

Rob breaks down the ways AI can accurately measure the factors that can make or break a sales organization. He explains how machine learning and natural language processing can weed out bad leads, and how technology has to work in concert with people, processes and more.



Time Stamps:

07:07 – How Rob got into sales

09:08 – What is the value of adding AI to CRM?

13:41 – What A.I. cannot help you with in sales

30:17 – Can A.I. weed out bad leads?

35:15 – How A.I. might be able to refine your sales approach


You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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