The New AI-Based CRM Data Service on the Block

The holy grail for a lot of sales and operations executives is to understand the semantic and contextual meaning of their CRM data.

Cien’s Data Enhancement Services were recently featured in CRM Buyer.

The service enhances and standardizes Salesforce data at a scale that was previously impossible.

Cien’s Data Enhancement Services are for companies that aren’t ready to start tackling their sales productivity traps and feel a more urgent need to augment their CRM data for strategic planning, decision making and forecasting purposes.

Using True AI technology, Cien helps sales and revenue operations leaders correct and improve the quality of their CRM data:

  • Measure record completeness level by teams and individuals
  • Standardize lead source and vertical industry datasets
  • Identify lead and contact seniority and true job function
  • Understand the semantics of users’ data to classify and enhance activity data;
  • Proactively analyze data to ensure it’s accurate and fit for purpose; and
  • Provide annotations and corrections per field and object.

Everyone has issues with their CRM data. But not everyone has to suffer from it. Poor CRM data quality is not a fatality. Data driven sales organizations can make use of Cien’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities to make sense of their Salesforce data. For the full article, visit


About Cien’s Data Enhancement Services

Using True AI, Cien understands the semantics of your data to classify and enhance lead source, contact, account and activity data. Machine learning and natural language processing models help B2B SaaS companies manage inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent CRM data. Available as a turn-key service, Cien’s Data Enhancement Services provide a full audit, cleanse and enhancement of the lead, contact, account, opportunity and activity data contained in Salesforce™.

The result is an augmented CRM dataset and vastly improved decision-making capabilities.

Get in touch with an expert for more information about applying AI to your CRM data.

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