Cien Featured on Verdict AI

Cien is pleased to be featured in Verdict AI‘s Startup Report as a company to look out for. Verdict AI’s report suggests that Cien is set to disrupt the world of sales. Other AI startups Deep Eye and BotStar are predicted to disrupt the world of digital advertising and customer service, respectively.


Cien was recognized as the edge that can significantly boost an organization’s sales productivity as the world of B2B sales evolves as time moves forward. By applying the connections between sales data to provide real-time recommendation to drive success, Cien allows sales leaders to focus on the factors that will most effectively optimize on the growth of their sales team.

“Sales is a high-stakes field where anything that gives you an edge can provide a significant boost, which is where Cien is hoping to help. An AI-powered productivity app for the sales industry, it draws connections between sales data to predict the outcomes of interactions.

This allows users to focus on leads with the highest potential for success, and also allows team leaders to assign the people most likely to close a deal to each client.

Cien also allows managers to see vital data about their workers, including product knowledge, closing ability and work ethic.”

See Verdict AI’s full report here.

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