Cien Launches New Hidden Revenue Assessment

Dallas, TX, November 20th, 2019 – Cien Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered sales performance solutions, today announced the launch of its new Hidden Revenue Assessment.


Cien’s Hidden Revenue Assessment applies over 100+ AI models to a company’s CRM data to reveal the factors that are preventing their teams from achieving their sales quotas. Proprietary AI models automatically create “scorecards” that help identify issues in sales enablement, training and onboarding as well as provide a basis for more personalized coaching.


While other applications focus on quantitative factors that can be typically found in activity-based dashboards and KPIs, Cien’s assessments stand out by measuring qualitative and intangible factors and tie them back directly to a company’s revenue. Examples of intangible factors measured by Cien include skills such as a sales person’s ability to effectively engage customers, a propensity to focus on smaller deals, closing skills, product knowledge or work ethic.


This allows sales leaders to prioritize and track the financial impact of changing specific sales rep behaviors. Cien’s Hidden Revenue Assessment typically uncovers 15 to 20 percent of unrealized revenue due to gaps in selling skills or inefficient sales processes. To date, the company performs more than 117M sales-related predictions per day and has uncovered nearly $130M of unrealized revenue for B2B technology companies. 


One of those companies, Wide Eyes Technologies, a leading visual search provider for global Ecommerce companies, used Cien’s Hidden Revenue Assessment to identify their team’s individual strengths and weaknesses.


“With Cien, we are better able to understand where each salesperson needs to improve from a training, coaching and enablement perspective,” says Lisa Farioli, who runs the company’s sales operations.


Currently available to customers, Cien helps SaaS leaders from around the world get their sales teams to 100% quota attainment.


“When it comes to managing sales teams, it’s important to understand that no sales rep is created equal, and no opportunity is created equal,” explains Cien’s Co-founder and CEO Rob Käll.


Cien’s Hidden Revenue Assessment is easily accessible for qualifying companies. For more information visit




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