How AI Will Change Enterprise Sales

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Cien was featured along with Salesforce and Conversica on Emissary, the world’s first sales intelligence network. Emissary mentions Cien’s Global Study on the Future of Sales. In this study, we found that 88% of sales professionals expect artificial intelligence (AI) to make their jobs easier in the next 10 years, not render their profession obsolete.

A study from Harvard Business Review suggests that:

“Early adopters of AI within the sales function are seeing impressive results—like 50 percent more leads and appointments, 60 percent lower costs, and as much as 70 percent less call time. And their success hasn’t gone unnoticed by leaders at companies that have been slower to adopt, which means that, wherever you work, AI is likely going to be coming soon.”

Cien allows sales leaders to gain greater visibility into the factors that may not be apparent at first glance, such as lead and pipeline quality, people, and macro factors.

“How do you define sales productivity in your organization? Is it to automate a task and move a deal along the pipeline more quickly? Or is it to add value based on what you are given versus what you produce?”- Cien’s CEO, Rob Käll

Cien provides services such as the Data Enhancement Services, which complements Cien’s sales productivity app by augmenting incomplete CRM data and enabling more effective planing and decision-making.

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