Discover Cien at Mobile World Congress 2018

The World’s Largest Gathering for the Mobile Industry

Held every year in Barcelona, this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress is set to break all attendance records. The event will take place between Feb 26 and Mar 1 at the Fira de Barcelona. But MWC is much more than mobile devices. One topic that will be hot this year is the fifth generation network or 5G. Though still far from being commonplace, the next-generation mobile network standard is set to connect consumers, devices and business at insane speeds.

Applied AI

This year’s edition of MWC will include a particular focus on all things AI: machine learning, cognitive computing and how they relate to connected consumers and devices. Expect many  solutions with the potential for disruption to be showcased at the event. AI is the key to managing, using and scaling the rich data sets enabled by connected technologies. As a technology and business tool still in its infancy, however, it brings along a complex web of issues and this theme aims to cut through that complexity.

4YFN: 4 Years From Now

Held in parallel to MWC, 4YFN is the world’s fastest growing digital startup event. This year over 20,000 attendees, 1,000 start ups, 800 investors and 300 speakers are expected to learn, mingle and network. If you are attending the event and curious about how you can apply AI to your Salesforce data, contact us or connect with a Cien team member to book a personalized demo of Cien’s AI-powered sales productivity app.

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