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Being that Cien’s founders are from the US and Sweden, the company was designed with a global and diverse vision from the outset. To capitalize on growth, Cien opened a branch in Spain, hiring over 11 different nationalities of data scientists, software developers, product designers and customer facing professionals. “We are hiring the highest quality employees and working with the sales teams of the future,” said co-founder, Margot Carter.

Rob Käll, CEO and co-founder in Cien’s Barcelona office

Improving sales force productivity

When improving a company’s CRM data, the most immediate way to identify trends that are invisible to the human eye is through artificial intelligence (AI). Cien is an AI-first company, so it can detect things like potential customers, sales opportunities, commercial development and the forecast of sales according to the purchase cycles and changes in the competitive environment. Role-based guidance and motivational techniques based on business processes is used for the activities that directly lead to the income that companies long for.

Using analytical and predictive tools allows us to write the perfect playbook. Having a perfect playbook doesn’t just boost more sales, but also gives us the ability to know why some contracts are closing and others are not or which clients are more likely to become users of the product. This is exactly what Cien does for its customers.   

The Miami-based start-up achieved seed funding worth $1M and opened a R & D center in Barcelona. “In 2014, I was already working in Spain for a multinational company and I was able to get to know the country, as well as discover the enormous talent that was there. In addition, the cost of living is very attractive compared to the United States, which makes it easier to hire and attract professionals who want to enjoy these advantages “, explains Rob Käll, CEO and co-founder of Cien.

After settling for 20 years in the United States, Rob became an expert in the international development of start ups, and is currently focused on the future of Cien. “In recent months we have created more than 15 jobs here. Our goal is to hire close to 100 employees in the region by the end of 2018. The international component is key for us, because we have native people in several languages ​​who help us expand the solution quickly.”

The Cien app is available under an annual or monthly licensing model.

The original article appeared in Spanish and was translated in English by the editorial team at Cien. Read the original article in Spanish in El Mundo.


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