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Cien an AI powered mobile app can deliver as much as 1,000% ROI by improving Sales Productivity


Miami, FL & Barcelona, Spain, Jan. 30th, 2017 // General Distribution // 

Cien, Inc. a company based in Miami, Florida just announced a $1 Million Seed financing round, from seasoned accredited investors and the founding team. “We are thrilled by the reception our AI enabled mobile Sales Productivity app has received from both the business and investor communities.” said Rob Käll, CEO and Co-founder.

The current boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured a lot of attention, but it is not all about self-driving cars, and flying robot drones. There is a tremendous upside for businesses to use AI to further automate and improve their operations. Research firm Tractica estimates that the market for AI enabled systems will be over $36 billion by 2025. Cien, Inc. is part of this new revolution. “The old saying was that ‘Software is eating the world.’ Now we are saying that AI is eating traditional software.” according to the Cien team.

Co-founder Margot Carter who also sits on multiple public and private company boards added, “Virtually all forward-thinking companies are discussing how to use AI to gain a competitive edge. Cien offers an easy solution where it matters the most; in improving Sales Productivity.”

Optimizing Sales Productivity is the easiest way to make any company grow faster and more profitably. However, until now, many things that affect productivity; like team mood, macro factors such as competition and the quality of leads have been intangible and impossible to measure.

Jerome Rose, VP of Sales at a multinational IT services firm said, “The revolutionary tools that Cien offers executives, helps them identify areas of improvement within their sales team and helps them report meaningful metrics to their executive leadership team and investors.  Cien’s mantra: ‘Measure what Matters’ means that things that previously were just gut feelings can now be incorporated into our management strategies.”

“People are talking a lot about Predictive Analytics, the ability for AI enabled tools to see into the future, but to be truly useful you also want Prescriptive Analytics, i.e. what you should do next with this information. Ben Strum, CTO and Co-founder said. “That’s what our new ‘Cien Mentor’ feature delivers. When you act on these insights you can get ROI of over 1,000%”, Rob Käll added.

The company which was founded in mid-2016, plans to use the fundraising proceeds to expand their sales and marketing efforts, and set up a product development and operations center in Barcelona, Spain. “We chose Barcelona because of the excellent balance of quality of life and cost of living, which attracts world-class talent from all over the world. The current strong US dollar also makes this a very attractive economic proposition,” Rob Käll said. The round closed in late 2016 and Stanley ‘Stash’ Jacobs of Greenberg Traurig represented the company. For more information, go to

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