The Spotlight is On: Maggie Langadas

At Cien, we’re lucky to have a diverse, talented and passionate team! In this series, we meet a Cien team member to ask them what it’s like to work at an AI-first start up.

This week we meet Account Executive Maggie Langadas.

Where are you from, and what brought you to Barcelona?

I am Greek Australian, I spent the last 4 years working for LinkedIn in Sydney. I moved to Barcelona to join Cien as an account executive after coming here to learn some Spanish. This city is one of my favorite cities in the world, the international culture, Spanish lifestyle and friendly people make Barcelona a unique and exciting city to live in. Barcelona is also one of the largest cities for startups in Europe. I love going to different restaurants, exploring the amazing architecture, zumba and yoga, the beach and my main method of transportation the Bici!

Why did you join Cien? What is it about the company’s vision, product and team that made you want to join Cien?

Maggie, Account Executive

I joined Cien for two reasons. The first one was the incredible team and the second was my passion for the future of AI.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with my colleagues in sales and marketing! We learn a lot from each other, challenge each other and have a lot of fun.


What have you learned since you’ve joined Cien?

I’ve learned a lot about AI, as well as the excitement and tribulations of startup life!


In your opinion, are the developments in AI going to take our jobs?

No. AI is going to make our jobs better and create new learning opportunities.


How do you apply Cien’s core values in your day to day work?

I stay focused on what we are trying to achieve, work hard, while enjoying being part of a great team!


What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best way to challenge yourself is to step out of your comfort zone.


You’re welcome to get in touch with Maggie or connect on LinkedIn.


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