The Spotlight is On: Christina Hans

At Cien, we’re lucky to have a diverse, talented and passionate team! In this series, we meet a Cien team member to ask them what it’s like to work at an AI-first start up.

Christina, Research Data Scientist

This week we meet Research Data Scientist Christina Hans. 


Where are you from? What brought you to Barcelona?

I’m German, but moved to Barcelona in 2011 – almost seven years ago! I came here to pursue a Master’s degree and eventually a PhD at UPF, and then decided to join Cien and spend some more time in this lovely city. In my free time, I love music and all kinds of arts and I tend to travel a lot.

Why did you join Cien?

Luckily, I had the chance to join Cien at a very early stage – I was impressed by the vision the co-founders brought along for the company. I was also intrigued by the problem they wanted to tackle, and that they didn’t choose a mission at random – both of them had made experiences with staggering sales productivity in the past, and chose to solve something which they knew would make a big difference for many. Over time, it has been great to see Cien’s development and I was fortunate to meet many great people joining. One thing I love is that everybody is fantastic at their own job – I’d never be able to do what some of my colleagues do in their work, but I know they’re great at it!

Describe your role in three words.

Figuring out logic!

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I get to approach different problems and learn from them every day. We are tackling a big issue here, and there are many little pieces to be solved in different ways, so you can never get too comfortable!

What have you learned since you’ve joined Cien?

I’ve learned a lot about business needs and the structure of an app. In my economics background, you never think about issues like run-time of models – you can easily develop something very complex and let it work its magic over night. When the aim is processing customer data in real time, it changes your whole perspective!

In your opinion, are the developments in AI going to take our jobs?

In the best case scenario, AI will serve to automate some jobs and leave more room for others, such as more interesting and creative tasks. Machines can’t replace everything! ☺

How do you apply the Cien core values in your day to day work?

I apply the core values by placing emphasis on mutually learning from my colleagues and accomplishing things together!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

There’s no one right way of doing things, so you might as well choose your own.


You’re welcome to get in touch with Christina or connect on LinkedIn.


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