All Your Sales & Marketing Data
Measured In One Place
Cien’s True AI is Goal-Directed Technology That Continuously Learns, Adapts, and
Improves Value Creation Without Human Assistance.
True Artificial Intelligence is not... Automation Analytics Machine Learning Human Intelligence Deep Learning Neural Networks Natural Language Processing Linear Regression A Macro Process Automation Getting Machines To Do Things Humans Can Do An Algorithm
True AI

Safety & Security First

We built the Cien platform to be highly secure. The best way to avoid data breaches is to not even share the sensitive data. With TrueAI’s sync engine you are in control of exactly what you share and we don’t need any sensitive data to make our AI predictions. We have also invested heavily in explainable AI – Throughout Cien, you will see Peek Inside icons, that show how the system reasoned and how confident it was in its prediction. No black boxes…


It starts with Trust

Truth Today Builds Trust Tomorrow

How AI-first technology purpose built for sales and marketing delivers value.


Actionable Insight

Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Performance.

The answer is an actionable insight. At Cien, everything is about understanding your unique sales environment, and then show you and your team how to focus on the changes in skills, behavior and strategy that will yield the highest return. Unlike any other system. Cien actually calculates this return using our patented Value Chain technology.

Clarity Affords Focus.
Fix Bad CRM Data In Under A Week.