Data Security

Cien, Inc. (Cien, Cien.ai) understands the importance our customers and partners place on keeping their data secure at all times. The Cien.ai systems and associated processes have been designed to ensure the highest level of protection against unauthorized access, data loss, and to be in compliance with data privacy protection laws in the jurisdictions in which the company operates.

Security Philosophy

The founders of Cien.ai previously created a travel booking system with credit card data that processed transactions in excess of $1B USD annually. During that process, they received multiple levels of PCI compliance certifications. They have carried over the same best practices to Cien.ai, despite the fact that Cien does not store data such as credit cards or personal identification numbers, typically targeted by hackers.

Cien incorporates security into its software development lifecycle (SDLC) using automated static code analysis alongside human review to ensure development best practices are implemented. In addition, Cien continually reviews its security infrastructure and processes, as well as actively monitors for suspicious traffic patterns on its servers using proprietary and industry-recognized solutions.

Questions and Resolutions

After reading the Security documentation, and if you have any questions related to Cien’s security policies, please contact security@cien.ai. Please note that the details of certain confidential processes cannot be discussed with unauthorized people. If you have questions related to Data Privacy or Cien’s Terms of Service, please contact legal@cien.ai.