Careers at Cien

Cien is a Silicon Valley-style startup with offices in Dallas, Miami and Barcelona. We are growing fast and are looking for awesome people… are you one of them?

Who we are

The rapid improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we work. At Cien we help people and companies perform to the highest potential: to understand what drives sales performance and help sales teams using AI.

We are a people-data company. This means we unlock value from hard data while also analyzing intangible human factors. Cien looks beyond key performance indicators and takes into account the human and behavioral elements that impact sales professionals and steers them towards the shortest path to success.

The founding team members have all had major previous SaaS company successes, and this time they strive to make something 100 times better than before - hence the name Cien! Part of that aim is to build the best workplace possible to support our employees -- through great benefits, workplace design, perks and culture.

Always be cool

We have one rule to make sure we all love coming to work here: “always be cool”.  Being cool and respectful is key in a diverse team like ours, and it's the reason why we work so well together. We aim to build the best workplace possible to support our employees -- through our benefits, workplace design, perks and culture.

We're a tech start-up staffed with amazing people with 11+ nationalities and backgrounds. Each employee is key to our success.

It’s in our core to Measure What Matters and we strive to collect as much feedback as possible to improve our employees’ wellbeing and happiness. Curious to know what our employees think about Cien? Check out our Glassdoor profile!

Bring your whole self to work

Professional development

Work should always be about learning. We are strong supporters of the 70/20/10 professional learning rule, so we ensure that we provide employees with the proper resources to move forward in their career.

70% comes from job-related experiences - our employees are faced with challenging problems and have a lot of autonomy to look for innovative solutions.

20% comes from interactions with others - we work cross-functionally and all of our team members are aligned under our shared goal.

10% comes from formal educational events - we know there is no “one size fits all" when it comes to training and development.

Feel healthy and energized

To make sure we have a moment to recharge and take breaks, we provide (free) healthy snacks, beverages, fresh fruit and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. We might also have a couple beers in the fridge and some days of unhealthy snacks, but those are for special occasions :)

Organize your time

Our official start time is 10:00. Employees can attend an early gym class or sleep in longer to start their workday full of energy. We know that everyone here is committed to do their best so we are against micromanaging and all for autonomy.

Every employee is invested in getting things done on time and with accountability, so we know that when someone is taking vacation days it won't stop us in achieving our high-reaching goals

Since plenty of water and food are not enough to feel energized throughout the day, we also offer our employees an individual fitness benefit. This applies to gym membership, yoga studio membership, or whatever activity our employees want to do to stay fit.

No dress code

We do a lot of code, but dress code is not one of them. When we say “bring your whole self to work”, we mean it. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable: high heels, flip flops, shirts, jeans,’s all good, just wear something.

Time to connect

Every Friday at 4:30 PM is the Cien Town Hall, where we informally discuss any topic both professional and personal, have some snacks and drinks, and even enjoy musical guests.

Celebrate great work: at the end of every quarter we organize a team outing where we can have fun together and recharge our energy for the next one.

Choose your tech

We want everyone to succeed from day one, so we give each new hire the option of using MacOs, Windows or Linux.


Want to work with us, but not sure if your profile fits?

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