All Deals are Not Equal

Where is Value Created
in Your Sales Org?

You have probably heard that “it’s much easier to sell more to an existing customer than get a new one to buy for the first time”. That is almost always true, but why is that? Value Intelligence is a key concept that lets you measure exactly how much value is created in each step of your sales process based on the quality of deals received and delivered by the rep.

Fair Lead Distribution & Territories

Data Informed Culture Starts Here

Shorten the gap on pipeline measurement between revenue operation teams. Use real-time analytics to foster informed collaboration. Execute aligned objectives with teams across the entire sales and marketing funnel working towards predictable revenue as a team and make sure lead distribution and territories are assigned fairly.

Apples to Apples Rep Comparisons

Sometimes The Best Rep Just Has the Best Territory

In the Cien App, you can see the Cien Score, which is the measurement of a rep’s value creation effectiveness. I.e. the person with the highest sales, may not have the highest Cien Score if they received a lot of valuable leads, accounts, or opportunities during the period.

Harness 170+ AI models to identify the skills and attributes having the greatest impact on team performance and coach them to quota.


Truly Data-Driven & Actionable Assessments

Sales Team SWOT Analysis

Dig in on specific sales performance problem areas 

See how you compare against your peers, with industry benchmarks

Management Consulting style reports with quantitative & qualitative analysis 

Specific action items and tools to improve areas of weakness

Repeat the assessments for free, every 90 days to show your progress to stakeholders*

* (Available for one calendar year, to customers who have an active Cien app subscription for their entire Sales team)