Safety & Security First

We built the Cien platform to be highly secure. The best way to avoid data breaches is to not even store the PII data. With TrueAI’s sync engine you are in control of exactly what you share and no sensitive data (PII) is needed for us to make our AI predictions.
Read more about Cien Security here. 

AI Transparency

Truth Today Builds Trust Tomorrow

We have invested heavily in explainable AI – Throughout Cien, there are "Peek Inside"   icons, guiding you to explanations of how the system reasoned and how confident it was in its prediction. No black boxes...

Automatic Data Enhancement

Everyone Has Cr@ppy CRM Data - But Only Fixes it Automatically...

After talking to thousands of Sales Leaders, one thing is clear. None feels good about the quality of their CRM data. Cien automatically measures and fixes CRM Data issues. We have developed a unique data scoring methodology that looks at potential data quality problems across 6 key quality dimensions such as dupliction, consistency, completeness, accuracy, sales process & confidence.

Clarity Affords Focus.
Fix Bad CRM Data In Under A Week.



Truly Data-Driven & Actionable Assessments

Data Quality Assessment

Dig in on specific sales performance problem areas 

See how you compare against your peers, with industry benchmarks

Management Consulting style reports with quantitative & qualitative analysis 

Specific action items and tools to improve areas of weakness

Repeat the assessments for free, every 90 days to show your progress to stakeholders*

* (Available for one calendar year, to customers who have an active Cien app subscription for their entire Sales team)