Solving Your Sales Productivity Traps

In B2B Sales, sales productivity is becoming a key factor for market success. While an increase in sales can be achieved at the expense of profitability, an increase in sales productivity offers companies better capital efficiency, higher profitability and ultimately a sustainable competitive advantage.

Although optimizing sales productivity requires increased operational awareness from the marketing and sales teams, sales leaders often are drawn into a micro-level view of the sales process. Poor operational intelligence can hold back any organization from increasing their sales productivity.  This where artificial intelligence (AI) can come into play.

With AI, businesses can understand the deeper dynamics of the sales process, giving sales leaders the visibility to really pinpoint the components in their sales that are contributing or hindering revenue. As well as, making it possible to see the incremental value created by sales and marketing activities.
It is important for sales leaders to measure what matters.

By doing this, they can have an accurate forecast of their organization’s pipeline and can allocate time and resources to unlock the productivity gains within their organization.

AI is designed to make jobs easier and more productive. Giving leaders room to really focus on the productivity of their team and sales.
For a deeper look at improving the sales productivity at your firm, check out our free Guide to Solving Sales Productivity Traps.


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