CRM Data Enhancement Services

Decisions are only as good as the data on which they’re made.
To solve this, Cien cleanses, standardizes and enhances Salesforce™ data at scale.
The result is a crisper picture of your sales data for more effective planning, analysis and decision-making.

True AI

Cien applies machine learning and natural language processing techniques to your Salesforce CRM data.
Using Cien’s True AI technology, our experts are available to help you execute your data-related project and quickly standardize and enhance your data for a fraction of the cost of a consulting engagement.

Data quality as a service

Cien provides a full audit, cleanse and enhancement of the lead, contact, account, opportunity and activity data contained in your Salesforce™ organization.

Lead source and industry standardization
Seniority and job function identification
Name and address geocoding
Lead, contact, activity and account classification
State of data accuracy by individual or group

A turn-key data service

Data profiling

Measures record completeness levels by team and individual.

Annotates missing and inaccurate data fields.

Data cleansing

A full cleanse of your Salesforce instance.

Identifies duplicate, inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete records.

Data standardization

Powerful models to align entries according to business definitions and processes.

Includes standardized lead source, industry vertical and geolocation data.

Data enhancement

Understands the semantics of your data to classify and enhance lead source, contact, account and activity data.

Also augments your data with true job function and seniority.

Data monitoring

Get reports with annotations and corrections per field and object.

Proactively analyzes your data to ensure that it is accurate and fit for purpose.

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