To help leaders make more accurate sales forecasts, the Cien App considers:

Individual and collective historical data
Seasonality and buying cycles
Team motivation
And hundreds of other factors

Cien's approach to sales forecasting means if facts change, the forecast changes. Never be surprised by a bad end of quarter again. Preview the Cien app for free and see how AI can improve your team's productivity.

Sales forecasting is the process of projecting future sales. An accurate sales forecast helps a company's stake holders make informed decisions on how to plan and allocate budgets, headcount and resources. However forecasting sales is an exercise in  managing uncertainty. As such it is both an art form and a science. The Harvard Business Review distinguishes three different ways to forecast sales:

1. Qualitative techniques

Primarily, these are used when data are scarce—for example, when a product is first introduced into a market. They use human judgment based on rules of thumb, gut feel and pattern recognition to turn qualitative estimates into quantitative forecasts.

2. Time series analysis

These are statistical techniques used when several years’ data for a product or product line are available and when relationships and trends are both clear and relatively stable.

3. Causal models

These types of sales forecasting methods use advanced math to express relevant causal relationships and can sometimes include pipeline or market survey information. They may also directly incorporate the results of a time series analysis.

Cien, an AI-powered sales productivity app, brings all those sales forecasting methods together to help leaders forecast with greater accuracy and precision than ever before.