Make the most out of your Salesforce investment


Salesforce™ is the undisputed leader in CRM. And for many reasons. Yet are you making the most out of your investment? Here are a few stats that should concern you:

A salesperson spends nearly a day a week updating leads in Salesforce
2 hours a day is spent updating contacts in Salesforce
Over 20% of salespeople make over 500 updates per week
For 71% of users, improving productivity is the biggest concern

Often these problems stem from the fact that teams aren’t focused on the activities that move the needle.

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"Cien helps sales teams use AI to fix productivity, improve motivation and increase sales effectiveness."

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The Sales

Why do certain teams make or miss their sales targets?


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The Account Executive

Which accounts and activities should I be focused on to make my number?


The Sales
Ops Wiz

How can I make sense of all the incomplete data my CRM?


The Marketing Guru

How do I get credit for the true dollar value of my leads?


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