Focus on Productivity and Your Sales Will Follow

Studies show that industry-wide sales productivity is continually on the decline. Since 2007, sales quotas have risen 33% and the percentage of reps hitting quota has fallen by 25%.

Most sales leaders would agree that improving sales productivity has a direct and and immediate impact on revenue. Yet while companies are growing their sales teams and chasing more aggressive sales goals, they simply aren’t scaling their processes effectively.

Improving sales productivity involves maximizing results while minimizing the resources expended. This could mean reducing costs, efforts and time. Or improving win rates, growing deal sizes or accelerating sales cycles. Either way, increasing sales productivity is the fastest and most efficient way to increase sales.

While sales intelligence, enablement and acceleration tools such as lead scoring and pipeline analytics are popular among B2B sales teams, they can result in additional work and higher costs if they don't translate in an increase in overall sales productivity.

This may explain why, according to Cien’s recent Global Study on the Future of Sales, 66% of sales professionals believe improving sales productivity offers the biggest upside for increasing sales.


By addressing sales productivity you will:

Impact Your Revenue Levels
Scale Your Process Effectively
Maximize Results and Minimize Resources
Improve Your Win Rates


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