All Reps Can Achieve

100% Quota

Based on 100+ AI models, Cien identifies the skills and attributes that have the greatest impact on team performance.

Hidden Revenue Assessment

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No rep is created equal

Using 100+ AI models, we connect the dots in your CRM data to identify your team's individual strengths and weaknesses.


Measure the intangible

Drive quota attainment by tracking your sales team's communication skills, activity management, product knowledge and more.

Facts, not hunches

Take the guesswork out of coaching and team management. Detect changes in selling skills before they impact revenue.

No opportunity is created equal.
And no rep is the same.

Cien connects the dots in your CRM to measure gaps
in your team's selling skills and attributes.

AI Predictions

[animatedcounter count="112" duration="1500" color="999999" size="100px"] M

+34% since last month.

Daily predictions performed by
Cien’s AI engine customer data

Cien Mentor

$[animatedcounter count="103" duration="1500" color="#7db6ba" size="100px"] M

+$2.3M since last month.

Unrealized revenue identified by
Cien Mentor, year to date