It Takes More Than Coffee To Close With Predictability Fit & Interest Analysis | Deal Prioritization | Quota Forecasting They say coffee is for closers only. We say predictable sales win-rates is the new flex for forward-thinking sales leaders. Once CRM data is synchronized we analyze the quality of the current pipeline using our Deal Intelligence technology. This accurately targets which deals are active and their probability of close. It also provides quantifiable insights to understand if they don’t. The True Test of a Sales Leader is How The Team Performs
Fit & Interest Analysis

The Customer is Always Right
But Some Are More Right Than Others

Just like all reps are not created equal, all deals are not created equal. There are myriads of factors that affect the likelihood that a lead will turn into an opportunity and that an opportunity will be won.

In addition to standard fields such as firm demographics, contact roles, and geographical location, we also look at prospect intent and behavior to measure both the Fit (I.e. the general suitability of your solution for this account – this is hard to change) and Interest (i.e. the current level of interest the customer shows – this can often be improved with effective sales pitches).

Deal Prioritization

Time is Money -
Work on the Right Deals

Most companies today move towards outbound prospecting, to augment their inbound leads. Some have dedicated Sales Development Reps (SDR/BDR).

The absolute biggest gift you can give your SDR team is a prioritized list of good prospects. With Cien it’s a click of a button. Then you can see whether they actually followed it.

Quota Forecasting

Before You Commit
To A Number, Ask Cien

A common sales leader pitfall is to rely on “Pipeline Coverage” to make your number. E.g. you incentivize your reps to create 4X their quota in pipeline. What tends to happen? The pipeline magically appears, but is it real? makes it easy to call “BS” on phantom pipeline, since each deal also has associated win rate predictions, calculated on the factors above including who the customer stakeholders are and how much effort has gone into qualifying. Wishful thinking deals will be exposed!

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