An obsession with data

Cien’s customers share an obsession with a data-driven approach to sales and marketing. Faced with surging customer acquisition costs, Cien customers are B2B tech companies who’ve recognized that improving sales productivity is the fastest way to profitable revenue growth.

White-glove treatment

Once you purchase Cien, you'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager whose job is to make you successful.  How much time should you plan to dedicate to getting up and running with Cien? On average, plan to dedicate just a few hours in the first 30 days with your Customer Success Manager. And of course, your Customer Success Manager will be available to help you beyond the first 30 days.

The 1000% ROI Club

Cien’s 1000% ROI club is open to all Cien customers who have experienced 1000% ROI or more by using our app. Club membership unlocks new features before they are released to other customers and invites you to join our customer advisory board.

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