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Give With Data

No two reps are the same, no two deals are equal, and no single sales methodology is sufficiently complete to adapt with every sales situation and changing market. This requires sales teams to break away from rigid processes. Cien helps sales leaders adopt a modern flexible coaching framework that’s results driven. Coaching Intelligence objectively measures situational sales fluency using AI-based scoring so leaders can easily identify the Skills & Behaviors where coaching can make the most impact on individual and team performance.

Data-Driven One-on-Ones

Deliver A More Effective

Cien’s machine learning continuously delivers personalized actionable recommendations to help sales leaders manage accountability with their teams. By identifying coaching opportunities and performance trends early, managers can increase win rates, reduce ramp up, and institutionalize a data-informed, outcome-centric sales culture.

Manager Accountability

Your Leaders Should Lead!

With it is easy for managers to deliver data-driven coaching. Make sure they do and hold them accountable for results. Know exactly how many one-on-ones were held in the quarter, and what impact they had in realizing your Coaching Potential.

Coaching Potential

Ready To Stop Guessing And Start Coaching With Data? 


Truly Data-Driven & Actionable Assessments

Sales Performance Assessment

Dig in on specific sales performance problem areas 

See how you compare against your peers, with industry benchmarks

Management Consulting style reports with quantitative & qualitative analysis 

Specific action items and tools to improve areas of weakness

Repeat the assessments for free, every 90 days to show your progress to stakeholders*

* (Available for one calendar year, to customers who have an active Cien app subscription for their entire Sales team)