Every sales leader started 2020 with a budget and a plan. The question is: How do you rebound from here? Cien can help you create a bounce back strategy that transforms team performance using intelligent, sales technology. Increase your forecast by 30% in 30 days and shock everyone.
Metrics That Matter

You Should Never Question Lead and Opportunity Reporting 

Cien learns your sales process to better quantify value received vs value contributed. “Peek Inside” analyzes metric value and record impact. Use Actionable Insights to capture activity data across your entire sales funnel to achieve a measured and predictable pipeline. Give sales leaders real-time visibility into funnel activity and the true state of lead and opportunity value.

Facts, Not Hunches

Data Informed Culture Starts Here

Shorten the gap on pipeline measurement between revenue operation teams. Use real-time analytics to foster informed collaboration. Execute aligned objectives with teams across the entire sales and marketing funnel working towards predictable revenue as a team.


We Provide The Software To Stop Guessing And Start Selling

Put 170+ algorithms to work for your sales team. Accurately track and optimize your pipeline efforts to better understand marketing influence and improve attribution analytics. Cien Value Chain identifies previously closed leads and opportunities with unrealized value so you can help your sales team focus on the right deals.

Harness 170+ AI models to identify the skills and attributes having the greatest impact on team performance and coach them to quota.