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CRM Data Cleansing | Decision-Ready Data | Use Cases If you have ever tried to make sense of CRM data, and provide data-driven insights, you know it is hard. There is always missing information, shifting definitions, and plenty of duplication. Massive work is needed, just to get the basic numbers to make sense…
CRM Data Cleansing

Don't Do the Dirty

When you send your anonymized CRM data to our system, we process even a large dataset in less than 24h with hundreds of AI models and produce clean output, where the data has automatically been corrected and enhanced, along with measurements of the original quality problems.


Decision-Ready Data

Be the Master of Your Own Domain

The point of doing advanced data-analysis is to make better decisions. With the Cien API, you get all the data points from our Deal, Value, and Coaching Intelligence technologies including quality metrics, and historical data. Put it to good use!

Use Cases

The 10X Effect from Better Data

Could your sales or marketing app benefit from understanding what the reps are doing and how well they are performing their tasks? Do you have a fancy Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW), that is ready to deliver insights, but the data is still “lagging”? Or do you just need to update your existing CRM database with cleaner data? That and more is possible with the Cien API, with minimal effort and time.


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