Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Intelligence is the ability for machines to apply human-like thinking from complex data that is difficult to compute. With Cien, our AI engine is constantly learning and improving from your team and its data, meaning the more you use the Cien App, the more it recognizes patterns and provides accurate predictions and prescriptions.

Cien fully integrates with via an API connection. The process used is called Open Authorization 2.0, or OAuth2.0, and it is considered the industry standard. Click here for more information about OAuth2.0.

Cien is a mobile-first web app which can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Cien is a people-data company. This means we unlock value from hard data while also analyzing intangible human factors. Cien looks beyond KPI’s and takes into account the human and behavioral elements that impact sales professionals and steers them towards the shortest path to success.

Data on the servers are encrypted at the storage level also known as Encrypted at Rest. This protects against someone getting access to the physical machine and copying the data files. All access to the Cien App happens through a secure connection. Please consult Cien's Security policy for more information.

Cien is used by B2B software companies around the world. If you're looking for customer reference, connect with our customer success team who will be happy to put you in touch. In addition you're welcome to leave a review with our partner Crozdesk.

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